Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Three Week of Busy Bags Week Four

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Our Story:  OK, so once I got making these games, I just couldn't stop.  Well, I could if not for every time I went to find something for the kids I would find more and more ideas.  The "Supper Games" idea has now turned into a breakfast and lunch - well, a "Meal Game" idea.

#10 - ABC Order
This was super easy.  We have the magnet letters already on the fridge, so while she is sitting at the table, she can work on her alphabetic order.  I just have to give her a cookie sheet and she does the rest.  This was actually pretty comical - I have to share.  After EVERY letter, she would loose concentration and have to start singing the song FROM THE BEGINNING.  And sometimes we were laughing so hard at THAT, that she would forget where she was and have to over AGAIN!  I think I heard the "ABC" Song nearly 50 times that day.  I realized that for us, we can start at any letter and go from there.  So I tried teaching her that and it worked.  By the letter "P" she got the hang of starting off in the middle instead of the beginning.  I also learned through this activity that my daughter has always thought it goes "L N M O P".  What a great activity!  Learning all over the place!

#11 - Toothpicks and a Shaker
The toothpicks were really easy to find.  Dollar Store.  I love that place.  But the Parmesan Shaker?  HA!  Honestly, I looked at the Dollar Store, Walmart, Winners and finally found it at Home Outfitters.  The thing I love most about these supper games is that they keep the kids busy during a really hectic part of our day and they are super cheap and easy to make!

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