Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter 2012 - Part One

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Our Story:
We took down the St. Patrick Day decorations last week and brought out the Easter Decorations that we have.  The bunny family was made for us last year by my grandma, she loves doing that kind of art, she has made us many things!  And the decals - well, they're just from the Dollar Store!  Last week we just used decorations that we already had in the house - plus we printed off an Easter Page for the 8x10 frame downstairs.  I have put my web address across it a couple times, just because I don't want people copying the picture from me (it's not the best quality PLUS it's not mine), so I recommend going to my Pinterest Boards (Easter) and finding it there - it was uploaded by the user and there is a link above!

Once the house was decorated (see pictures below) it was time to get some ideas for the next couple weeks!  The ideas above are the ones that my daughter chose from my Pinterest Board and we will be doing them in the couple weeks leading up to Easter.  She's very excited!

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