Thursday, April 26, 2012

Basement Labels

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Our Story:
We have a bizillion and one toys in our basement and EVERY night we are left with cleaning up and putting things back where they go.  his is really frustrating to me because my kids SHOULD know where things go.  We have storage GALORE!   But after cleaning up with them one day, I realized that maybe we had too MUCH storage and so many different cupboards and drawers and boxes that they had no idea what went where.  So I sat down with them and we took pictures of all their toys.  Once they were printed, we started to work labeling all the different baskets and shelves and cupboards.  We still have not finished the entire basement, but we have a good start and the kids (even my two year old) are putting things BACK where they are SUPPOSED to be!  There were three different ideas that we could have done.  Just the picture, the words AND the picture or just the word.  We went with just the picture because that would be easiest for everyone right now.


  1. We did this in my daycare class. It's a great idea and breaks it down for the kids. It's a win - win! Glad it's working for everyone. :)

  2. Thanks Courtney! Sometimes I feel like I run a daycare with the amount of toys in my basement. Really . . .