Saturday, September 01, 2012

Working Out Routines

Welcome to my next challenge!  Working out every day for 30 days.  Notice I picked a month with 30 days instead of 31.  I was going to wait until February but I don't think I should.  Just before summer, I lost a significant amount of weight.  I was proud of myself, but still, something was missing.  So I thought I should do a little bit of exercise every day just to keep myself active and maybe add in some strength training and ab work.  I went on Pinterest and found some short (and long) workouts that I can do in my basement, while my husband and I watch TV.  Or I can do them in the morning, because most of them don't take that long. 
Disclaimer - I am not doing these exercises to LOSE weight.  I'm doing them to keep it off, stay fit and tone my body.  If you are looking to LOSE weight, these exerices may not be the best for you.  But if you are interested to take a look at what I pinned, check out my workout board.
So that is all besides the point.  I needed some way to change it up and make each workout a surprise.  I loved this idea and I had everything I needed already!  But instead of writing one exercise on each stick, I wrote the name of a workout that I had pinned.  And instead of cups, I used baggies for two reasons.  1: We don't just have extra cups laying around, if we have them, we use them.  2: My cat enjoys knocking things off countertops just to watch us get up, pick it up and put it back.  He's mean that way.  And finally, instead of haing to log into Pinterest everytime I want to workout to look at what the workout involves, I found a small notebook and wrote down each workout in that book.  So far, it has worked well.  I haven't done a workout every day - until now!  For the next month I will choose a workout every day and let you know how it goes.  There are some deadly ones in that bag, I hope I survive!

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