Monday, September 17, 2012

Which Way is Up?

Learning words to describe personal direction is a skill that we use on a daily basis.  I'll be honest, sometimes I even need help with it.  When my husband asks me where something is, my short answer is "Where it was yesterday."  But learning the words can be fun!  Learning through play?  That's what we do!  We started with my daughter standing in front of me.  I looked around the basement for a toy, then lead her to that toy only using direction words like left, right, front, up, down and back.  We also included counting by saying directions like "Four steps to the left."  Once we did it that one time, we traded spots and she lead me to a toy.  We laughed and then when I went upstairs to make lunch, she continued to TRY and play the game with her brother.

Teaching personal direction:
  • Use the language every day.  Instead of pointing, use descriptive words so that your child can find what they are looking for on their own.
  • Encourage your child to use the language every day by not accepting the words "over there" or "come here, I'll show you".

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