Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another Trip to the Bird Sanctuary

We have collected more bread, so we took a trip back to the Bird Sanctuary.  This time, I wanted to add a little bit of learning into the situation.  On the way to the Sanctuary, I talked to my daughter about what the word "sanctuary" means.  I told her to think about what was around the park (fence) and how that would make the birds feel when they were there.  She said it made them feel safe because no other animals could hurt them.  Could the other animals get in?  How did the birds and ducks get in?  The other animals couldn't get in because they can't fly like the birds and ducks can.  What happens in the winter when it gets cold?  This was my favourite answer: They fly to Mexico like we did!  She was able to answer all of my questions with confidence and in her own words.  She was right every time.  I forgot to take the camera, so here are some more pictures from our trip LAST time!

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