Monday, September 10, 2012

Magnets: Part One

This is a three part series about magnets.  This was part one, just introducing the magnet.  It started because we bought her a magnet bracelet when we were in Mexico and she was playing with it.  She asked me why the magnets were sticking together and I explained that some things are metal, which makes the magnets stick to them.  That was when we grabbed the magnet from the fridge and she went around the whole house trying to find what would stick to the magnet.  She found lots of neat things that I didn't even KNOW were magnetic - like the glass in some of the picture frames.  By the end, she had figured out that metal is USUALLY silver, but not always.  And a note for all of you out there - this activity does need parental supervision because the first things in every room that my daughter wanted to test were the electronics.  Magnets are not good for electronics so make sure your child understands this.  Other than that, have fun exploring!

There are many different kinds of magnets:
  • Disk Magnets
  • Ring Magnets
  • Marble Magnets
  • Wand Magnets
  • Horseshoe Magnet
  • Bar Magnet

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