Friday, June 22, 2012

Photography Challenge - Week Three

Sorry for the late post, it's taken my longer than I thought to get these pictures up here.  ENJOY!

I have a little bit of a love for photography, but I don't do it professionally or anything. I just love to take pictures - mainly of my kids! I found this Photography Challenge on Pinterest and I just had to try it. So bear with me as I attempt to take a picture every day for a month. I will post all the pictures that I have taken on Fridays with a small description of each. Maybe you could play along too! Click on the link above to get started!

Day Fifteen: "Yellow"
That beautiful cleanrance tag on that shoe box is my favourite colour when I'm shopping!  My kids even know to watch for the yellow tags!  Not only was it clearance, it was 30% below that!

Day Sixteen: "Out and About"
I went home a week ago and my mom and I took the kids to the park that I grew up playing in.  Some of the equipment was new, but there were some things that were STILL in the park!

Day Seventeen: "In Your Bag"
Day Planner so that I can keep track of my husbands schedule (well, old school way because now I use my IPOD), Mail Key, Rocks from Mexico (not sure why they are still in there . . .), Deoderant and a Tampon - womanly necessaries, mini sewing kit (I won it at a Pampered Chef party that I went to), comb for my daughters crazy hair, notepad to make notes on (but notice no pen), a GPS and of course my sunglasses, wallet and keys.

Day Eighteen: "Something We Don't Know About You"
I don't like to read.  I am part of a book club, but really I'm just there for the socialization (I hope none of them read this . . .) - ah, they know that anyways, because every month, I haven't finished the book.  After saying that, I am reading a really good book right now - and it's not even FOR my book club!  I really recommend it!  It's told from a child's point of view who was born in captivity and has never known anything but the room they are kept in.

Day Twenty: "Fave Photo You've Ever Taken"
My favourite picture.  Hands down.  It was taken last Easter and we were outside playing.  My grandma was going through her chemo at the time, so of course was loosing her hair.  She loved that my son - her great grandson - loved her no matter what.

Day Twenty One: "Where You Slept"
We don't make our bed, just roll out and get moving.  We recently moved the bed to in front of the window - I like it mostly except the sun has been waking me up too early in the morning.

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