Monday, June 04, 2012


Learning about songs, traditions, festivals and celebrations of different cultures is something that is so important in a country that is so culturally diverse as our own.  There are so many cultures in our community and I believe that it is important to introduce our children to these differences.

This weekend we had our annual cultural celebration in the city.  There are different "countries" set up all over the city and you get a passport to travel to each one to experience the food, dance, traditions and art in each of these counties.  I only remembered to take my camera to one day of the event, but you get the idea.  The kids had a great time watching all the dances and my son especially enjoyed eating all the food!  What counties did we travel to this weekend?
Central America
South Korea
The Ukraine
My daughter is very aware now at the age of four that she lives in a country called Canada.  She can easily recognize our countries flag and she is beginning to learn our national anthem.  She knows about other countries - specifically Mexico (we travelled there in January) and South Korea (because of the time that we spent there, we have many items around the house that are a daily reminder and she knows she was there in my tummy).  So she was very excited to visit all these countries as well - but she knew it was just pretend because if we wanted to go there for real, we would "have to take an airplane - or a helicopter"

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