Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Every year Father's Day is a big celebration because in our family there are many birthday around the same time.  So we celebrate Fathers Day for all the dad's, as well as my brother's, grandmother's and uncle's birthday.
As you know, my husband is frugal cheap.  I am frugal, he is cheap.  So he is always hard to buy for because I want him to LOVE his presents, but I don't want to spend a lot of money because that also makes him happy.  This year I decided to get a gift certificate for him.  Something he could use and LOVE.  So while he was at work, I took the kids to Walmart and bought him a gift card.  I love this idea of buying other stores/restaurants gift cards at Walmart because it means I have to drive to one less place with my kids in tow.  So we bought the gift card, a couple other things and went home.  That afternoon, my husband took our daughter to buy some flowers for the yard.  While they were out, they talked and my husband swears that all he asked was "What did you do today?" and she told him "We bought you a card so you can go and buy pizza."  Ya, thanks kiddo! 
But on top of the pizza card I wanted to make him something personal from the kids.  Last year, I made this frame, and he loved it!
This year, I sat down with my daughter and asked her a few questions.  I found some different interviews on Pinterest and took my favourite questions, typed them up and hand wrote in the answers.  If you want the interview sheet, click here!
And that was our Father's Day.  No, we don't go out and buy each other HUGE gifts like IPAD's or other $500 gifts.  BUT, we spend the time together, laugh, make gifts that become memories and love each other with all our hearts.  And that, my friends, is better than anything money can buy!
On top of my husbands little gift, we made mugs for the Grandfather's (not to drink from, just to put their pens in on their desks) and I had some pictures leftover from our trip to Mexico, so I bought a four-picture frame and put the pictures in for my dad because that was who we went with.

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