Friday, June 29, 2012

Photography Challenge - Week Four

I have a little bit of a love for photography, but I don't do it professionally or anything. I just love to take pictures - mainly of my kids! I found this Photography Challenge on Pinterest and I just had to try it. So bear with me as I attempt to take a picture every day for a month. I will post all the pictures that I have taken on Fridays with a small description of each.  This is the last Friday of the challenge and I'm kind of glad that it's over.  I was really struggling.  Maybe this was a bad month to do it in because we are so darn busy around here - or maybe I don't like being forced to take pictures.  I don't know.  But what I do know is that I like being challenged.  So I am going to attempt another monthly challenge in July and I will post about it on Saturdays - starting NEXT week.  So stay tuned to see what I have signed myself up for this time . . . I hope I can make it!

Day Twenty Two: "From a High Angle"
Today I took the kids back to where I grew up to watch the annual parade.  Here they are, sitting on the street waiting for all the floats to start moving.

Day Twenty Three: "Movement"
Jumping in the bouncers is great fun.  What is NOT great fun is trying to get the kids OUT when their time is up and they cry and scream because they want to go back in.
Day Twenty Four: "On Your Mind"
What's on my mind every day?  Whether I'm home or not?  My kids.  The biggest questions.  What are they going to be like when they turn into teenagers?  Are they happy?  Do I spend enough time with them?  Are they learning enough?  This picture answers all those questions!
Day Twenty Five: "Something Cute"
Nothing cuter than a picture of the kids looking in the pond to try and find the fish.  I love these pictures and I have a LOT of them!
Day Twenty Six: "Where You Shop"
This is NOT where I shop all the time, this was where I was shopping on this day when I was waiting for my mom.  No better way to kick of summer holidays than shopping, manicure & pedicure and supper with your mom!  What an awesome day this was!

Day Twenty Seven: "Bathroom"
I never thought it was necessary to decorate a bathroom - and my husband STILL doesn't think it's necessary - but I really like this little put together in the corner.  It adds some colour to the room and makes it feel more like a room!
Day Twenty Eight: "On the Shelf"
Schools out for the summer and on the last day, one of the kids gave me these vases as a gift.  They  go perfect in our living room!  Thanks little man!
Day Twenty Nine: "Soft"
I don't know for sure if they are soft, but they sure looked soft.  We had some pretty severe weather earlier this week and these clouds - called Mammatus Clouds - boy did they ever look beautiful!  I have never seen anything like them before!  The pictures do NOT do these clouds justice, that is for sure!
Day Thirty: "A Friend"
This is my dear friend, Jax.  He drives me crazy most days/nights, but I still love him.  He looks gentle and kind, but if you know him, you know that is NOT true!  To us, he is just our pet, but to him, we are EVERYTHING!

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