Friday, October 19, 2012

Using Stencils

In our classroom we stay away from your typical crafts.  We don't sit down at the table and make the kids create something that looks exactly like their neighbours.  We put out the supplies that are necessary and if they are interested, they will come and join us at the table.  Usually 8/12 will join us, depending on what it is.  The first art project that we attempted this year was stenciling.  We tried lots of different things.
First we bought some small stencils from the Dollar Store and the kids sat at the tables and used sponges to create wonderful fall pictures.

Then we cut out some large leafs from sturdy paper and used large stencils to sponge paint with.

Finally, we used those large leaf stencils and we spray painted them.  I followed the link from Pinterest and all it lead to was this art supply site.  PLEASE NOTE: YOU DON'T NEED TO BUY THESE SPECIAL SPRAY BOTTLES.  We bought ours from the Dollar Store.  This site also didn't tell me anything, so I had to figure it out on my own!  At first I tried water and food colouring, but take this as a warning - IT DOESN'T WORK!  It's too runny.  So we took some paint and watered it down a little and that worked great!  This is NOT an art project that I would give the kids free range with, unless you were outdoors (great idea for spring!).  It can get messy and you will have spray paint EVERYWHERE!
*** These pictures are from the water and food colouring attempt, not so great, but you get the idea***

Stenciling is a lot of fun!  Every month we try and focus on a different art medium and stenciling was one of the first!

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