Friday, October 12, 2012

Glitter Dispensers

In our classroom - as every other classroom/daycare SHOULD - we have an Art Center.  We focus on open ended art projects, not a "I'll cut this circle out for you and then show you where to glue it so that it looks like all the others when I hang it on your wall." 
However, with open-ended art projects comes a lot of mess.  This year we wanted to allow the children to have more choices when being the little artists that they are.  Glitter is something that they LOVE to use, but more often than not it is spilt all over the table and the bottle you thought would last for the year has been used up in one day.  Sorry, one hour.
I found this idea on Pinterest and I thought we could give it a try.  When I went back to find the original link, I was just brought to a home page.  I tried using the search engine, but I didn't have much time.  So back to my story . . . We went to the Dollar Store and bought 4 salt shakers and then filled them each with a different colour of glitter (yes, one is empty in the picture.  Red was back ordered).  At first I was scared that the glitter wouldn't come out.  But it comes out perfect.  Not a lot, so that kids have to be patient, but it's the perfect amount that it does not make a big mess.  I haven't had to clean up glitter once yet and they have been using these for a couple months now.  They are even learning how to problem solve because they have found it easier to get out the glitter if you tap on the bottom of the shaker while you shake out the glitter.  Smart cookies!

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