Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Felt Story Storage

So now we have these two new fancy dancy felt boards - we need somewhere to store all of the felt stories.  Previously, they have been stored in baggies and stuffed into a rubbermaid.  Problem is, I never remember they are in there and they are hard and a hassle to get to.  But I LOVED this idea!

It's really simple.  I tried the baggie method that she talks about and just put duck tape on the baggies so that they wouldn't rip as easily.  Then I hole punched them and put them in the binder.  We have two binders: 1. Seasonal Rhymes  2. Stories and Nursery Rhymes
In each baggie I put the felt pieces and the story/words that go WITH that story just in case I'm having a rough day and don't remember the words to Itsy Bitsy Spider!

The other option that she talks about in the blog post is putting the felt pieces into page protectors.  When my baggies start ripping, I will try that method as well, but I do see problems arising when the felt pieces start falling out . . .

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