Friday, October 05, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days

I found this wonderful list on Pinterest and I knew that it would be great to acomplish something like this for my Spring cleaning!  Then Spring came and went.  And so did the summer.  So I have decided to do it now - in the Fall - so that we have some extra space around the house when the busy season of Christmas is upon us.  Not only do the kids get gifts at Christmas, but my daughters birthday is the same week and our sons birthday is a couple months after, so there is always an influx of "stuff" (toys, books, more toys, craft supplies) in a three month period.
I found this list and took a quick look at it.  There were some "spots" that would not apply to me, so I would have to make my own list.  And yes, I did come up with 40 spots as well - actually 42 but I combined some of the small items.  And we don't even have a garage!  So here is my list (some jobs are just too big to only spend one day on).

1 & 2. Storage Room
3. Utensil Drawer
4. Junk Drawer in Kitchen
5. Junk Baskets in Kitchen
6. Kids Craft Cupboard
7 & 8. Pantry(s)
9. Under Kitchen Sink
10. Fridge
11. Kids Snack Cupboard
12. Cereal and Cooking Supply Cupboard
13. Master Closet (My Clothes)
14. Master Closet (Husband's Clothes)
15. Desk Drawers and Baskets
16. Dresser Drawers (master bedroom and kids)
17. Nighstands (master bedroom and kids)
18. TV Stand Drawers and Cupboards
19. DVD/Game Cupboard
20. Kids Closets
21. Master Closet Shelves
22. Jewlery Boxes
23. Bathroom Cupboards
24. Kids Toys
25. Linen Closet
26. 9 Drawer Cube in Hallway
27. Kids Books
28. Mommy's Craft Box
29. Bath Toys
30. Candy Bowl
31. Bathroom Vanity
32. Laundry Room Storage
33. Vehicles
34. Cookbook Stand
35. Entryway Closet
36. Dresser, Bench and Stairwell Baskets (Entryway)
37. Tupperware Drawer
38. Kids Artwork
39. Mommy's Bookshelf
40. Keepsake Box

So let's see what kind of a dent I can make on my house!  I'm not going to gurantee a lot of pictures or an update every day.  We are busy - as everyone else is - so I may end up doing 6 of these spots in one day and then nothing for 10 days and then 12 on another day.  But I do promise to be done by the beginning of December!  And I will update to share with you how much I am throwing out/donating/recycling!

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