Friday, November 02, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days - How's It Going?

1 & 2. Storage Room - After a while, our storage room looks a mess because we go in, move stuff to get what we need and don't put things back.  So very successful!
3. Utensil Drawer - I threw out quite a few things (do we really need 6 nut crackers??)
4. Junk Drawer in Kitchen - Not much got thrown out but I organized the pens and markers (my daughter helped by making sure they worked!)
5. Junk Baskets in Kitchen - We have two junk baskets in our kitchen (to keep junk off of the counters) and they usually have fast turnaround, but my job was to go through and get rid of the stuff that had been forgotten about.
6. Kids Craft Cupboard - Again, didn't throw out TOO much (just some finished colouring books and old stickers/paper) but it is organized again so that things don't fall out when you open the cupboard!
7 & 8. Pantry(s) - I think I threw one thing away?  Not a lot to do here, we have pretty fast turnaround.
9. Under Kitchen Sink
10. Fridge - Again, not much here.  Fast turnaround.  We threw out anything that HAD expired (maybe one thing) and combined anything that we had doubles of.
11. Kids Snack Cupboard - This was more about the spice cupboard.  Combine and throw away expired.  Success!
12. Cereal and Cooking Supply Cupboard - I guess I'm more organized than I think, nothing here!
13. Master Closet (My Clothes) - I had two different piles from my closet.  Clothes that were one or two size too big, and the others were 3 or more sizes too big.  I kept the first pile (I hope I don't gain the weight back, but just in case) and I donated/garbaged the other pile.
14. Master Closet (Husband's Clothes) - This is his job.  I can't clean out his clothes.  If it were up to me, there would be a LOT more that would go . . .
15. Desk Drawers and Baskets - I found an Air Wick that we haven't used (got it for free when we used a coupon) so now my bathroom smells nice!
16. Dresser Drawers (master bedroom and kids)Got rid of the kids summer clothes, got rid of the clothes that don't fit me and added it to the garbage bag.
17. Nighstands (master bedroom and kids)
18. TV Stand Drawers and Cupboards
19. DVD/Game Cupboard
20. Kids Closets
21. Master Closet Shelves - I found some great pictures of our grandparents!  Now I just have to get them out of the box and into some better frames so we can add them to the walls.
22. Jewlery Boxes
23. Bathroom Cupboards
24. Kids Toys
25. Linen Closet
26. 9 Drawer Cube in Hallway
27. Kids Books
28. Mommy's Craft Box
29. Bath Toys
30. Candy Bowl - Well, I DID go through the bowl . . . . . . and then Halloween happened!
31. Bathroom Vanity
32. Laundry Room Storage
33. Vehicles
34. Cookbook Stand
35. Entryway Closet
36. Dresser, Bench and Stairwell Baskets (Entryway)
37. Tupperware Drawer
38. Kids Artwork - This was a long time coming!  The kids LOVE seeing their artwork hanging but it does get cluttered.  I take pictures of the artwork that is the most meangingful so that I can put it in scrapbooks later on.
39. Mommy's Bookshelf
40. Keepsake Box

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