Monday, November 12, 2012

Drinking Station

Water.  It's so important, yet not a lot of schools have water fountains in the classrooms - or even nearby!  If it were possible, all of our children would have water bottles that they could carry around with them throughout the day, but that's not possible because of spills (you KNOW they would open them) and sharing of the dreaded germs.
So this year, I wanted the children to be able to get the water themselves and feel that they could have some independence.  You know I love independence!
So we went to the Dollar Store and bought a simple tray, two jugs and we already had some small cups at the school.  Simple.  We refill the water jugs (only about 1/4 full) every morning and the kids can help themselves when they are thirsty.
Are there spills?  YEP!
Do the teachers clean it up?  NOPE!
Do the children learn to be independent in getting their own water AND cleaning up spills?  YOU BET!

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