Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tin Foil Art

One of my personal goals this year was to put out more invitations - especially in the Art Center.  I am not an "Artsy" person myself, so this is a personal struggle for me.  I love that I have Pinterest to help me out, though, because I think otherwise I may be lost . . .  So this idea involved Tin Foil.  It also had some wonderful small motor practicing involved as well.  Learning how to cut and learning how to glue - two fundamentals of preschool! 
One thing that I am finding about the Art Center - and all invitations in general - is that the concept is not that hard and less time consuming than the traditional way of teaching.  I just needed to make the frames.  I cut the tinfoil a little bit smaller than the construction paper (of each child's individual choice) and then stapled them together. 

It was the children's job to come up with what they would put on the tinfoil.  The majority cut out shapes from other construction paper and then finished off their masterpieces with glitter.  A simple project, but boy did they look pretty!

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