Monday, November 05, 2012

Name Cards

We have a Light Center in our room and it is used for many things.  There are blocks that are meant specifically for the Light Table, but it is also located right beside our writing center and the kids often take paper and pencils to the light table so that they can trace.

We have always made name cards, but this year we tried something a little bit different.  I had found a few ideas on Pinterest about name cards.  When I went back to the link, they again just went to the home page and I don't have time to look.  Here is the one link that I DID find.

There were three different pins that I loved for different reasons:
1. They were smaller than our original ones.
2. They have the children's pictures on them so the children know which name is theirs.
3. An awesome way to store them.

What do you need?
Index Cards (I used blank ones, no lines)
Individual Pictures of the children
Photo Album (Dollar Store!)

On each card we put the child's name, their picture and their symbol.  In our classroom, each child has a symbol.  This symbol helps them to learn how to recognize their name.  Every time our three year olds see their symbol, they know that THAT piece of artwork is theirs.  Or THAT's their locker.  We label everything with their symbols.  By the end of the child's time with us - when they are four or five - they now recognize the letters that ALWAYS come before their symbol as their name.  It is a great learning tool and it also helps the children to recognize their friends names as well.

Because of privacy, I didn't want to share any of our name cards, but here is a pretend one for you to take a look at . . .

Once the cards are finished, we put them in the laminater and then popped them into the photo albums.  Voila!

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