Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Potty Training

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Our Story:
Have you seen those "Potty Train your Kids in 3 Days!"  or "Potty Train Overnight!"  or  "Potty Training for Dummy Parents"  OK, just joking on the last one, but I have seen these things advertised, but I'm not going to pay money for them.  Sorry, I don't fall for that.  When I saw this Pin, I saved it and I couldn't WAIT to start potty training, try this strategy and see if it worked.  For real.  Every kid is different and my experience (however comical) is going to be WAY different than yours. 

So the rules were:
1) Train in sessions (a few hours) for two days in a row.  Normal amounts of liquid and food.
2) Put the child on the potty every 15 minutes for those sessions.
3) On the third day, the child goes all day without a diaper.  Just let 'em go.
4) Allow your child to be naked all the time.
5) Rewards!

For the next 2 days, I will take you through what we did and how it worked for us.  I promise comic relief, but not necessarily results - at least the ones that you want!

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