Thursday, May 31, 2012

Keeping Track of Medicine

I originally found this idea on Pinterest, but you know, I went through and deleted a few boards a while back and this was on one of those ones.  I tried looking for the pin again, went to the original site and it couldn't find anything. 

But the whole idea of this is to be able to keep track of perscriptions.  I know it's important to take the medicine the whole time it's prescribed - but I have such a hard time with it!  Not just my own, but the kids as well.  So when my daughter winded up with Strep Throat and needed some medicine, I took that opportunity to use this great idea!  Even my husband loves it (which is a huge statement!)  I truly hope you never have to use this idea, because that would mean that your child/children/yourself is sick, but if you have to, then I'm glad that I could help you out!


  1. I pinned that one too! It's a fantastic idea! I'm terrible at remembering. I pinned it more for myself than for Paige since she has only needed medicine twice but goodness knows that I'm always taking medicine. LOL.

  2. Thanks for that link! I'm glad that Paige doesn't get sick much - it's so hard to watch them sick.