Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Freeze Dance

What's more fun on a rainy day than having a dance party?  Having a FREEZE DANCE party!  We had some real yucky weather back in April and we couldn't get outside.  So on two different days (a couple days apart), we played the Freeze Dance.  The first day, we just played music, we danced and when the music stopped, they were SUPPOSED to stop.  They did eventually stop, but not until the music had stopped for about 5 seconds.  But we had fun. 

So a couple days later, we decided to try again.  This time I grabbed some construction paper from our craft cupboard and made a circle.  When the music started, they walked around the rainbow circle and when it stopped, they stopped.  This time they did it!  Both of them completely understood the activity and they had a lot of fun.  My son kept yelling "PEE" when the music stopped (I think he was trying to yell "Freeze").  We did this a couple times and then I thought I should see how well my son knows his colours.  So everytime they stopped, I would ask him the colour that he was standing on.  He has a lot of the colour words, but can not yet match them to the proper colour.  My daughter said, "Mommy, ask ME the colours." but obviously she knows them, so each time they stopped, I started teaching her the colours in French.  Learning for everyone!


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