Monday, May 28, 2012

Arts Festival

There are so many opportunities in our communities - and so many of them free - but people just don't take advantage of them or see the learning opportunities in them.  Today I wanted to show my daughter the artists that are in our community - and all the different types of art.  We took a trip to our local arts festival and enjoyed every minute of it!  My daughters favourite form of artwork was the jewelery (of course) and the knitting (there were some toques that she wanted - we may have to order some for next winter).  She also got to see a man who was creating art with spray paint.  She (and I) thought that was pretty amazing!  These are special moments that you can never get back so I encourage you to get out, find out about local events and have fun!  Create memories that will last a life time!

 Of course at a festival/fair there is always food, so we stopped at some vendors and grabbed ourselves some hotdogs, fries, mini donuts and cotton candy.  YUM!  We sat down for a picnic and when we were done eating, the kids had fun going down a slide that was close by.

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