Monday, May 14, 2012

Changing It Up

I've had some personal struggles lately when it comes to this blog.  I want to keep it SO bad, but I am/was finding that some of these projects were taking time away from my kids - time that I can NEVER get back.  I decided to take a look at exactly what I was doing and what I enjoyed the MOST and stick with that.  So here's what I kind of decided.

1) No longer will this be a blog STRICTLY about Pinterest, however, there will be projects that I will be doing (projects that I'm NOT just doing because I have a blog, projects that we need to get done but with ideas from Pinterest).

2) I will continue Holiday and Gifts posts with all the fun ideas that I get from Pinterest, because those are times that I love to spend with my kids!

3) My most favourite posts have been about my kids.  Everything from Busy Bags to Potty Training, Art Projects to "I'm Board Jars".  So I have decided that my blog for all the other times (when I'm not making projects or holiday stuff or gifts), I will put up activities that I do WITH my kids.  It will be more about what WE are interested and less about what PINTEREST has alone.  Don't get me wrong, I will still get a lot of ideas from Pinterest, but I'm not going to FORCE myself to do projects that really aren't necessary.

So tune in tomorrow for our new beginning together!  I can't wait!

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