Friday, May 25, 2012

Draw a Person

The goal of this activity was to see how many body parts my daughter could add to a drawing.  By age 4, childern should be able to add 5 parts to a body - but I wanted to turn it into a little game.  So we took turns drawing the person.  She started by drawing a leg.  So I drew the other leg.  When I first drew it, I drew one line like she did, but then I thought she can learn by how I draw (upside down I might add, so no laughing), so I drew a little more "advanced".  She drew the head, I drew an eye.  She drew the other eye, I drew a mouth.  And this went on and on until we finished.  My daughter actually finished the drawing off with a hamburger in the persons stomach . . . No matter the result, we both laughed lots and had a really fun time together!

  • Use a mirror.  Put the mirror in front of your child and allow your child to draw a self portrait that focuses on their face.
  • Don't just use markers or pencils - use other forms of art.  Supply your child with clay/playdough or paint and see what they can make.
  • How about a self portrait cut out of magazines?  They find the body parts that best match theirs and create a beautiful collage portrait.

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