Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Packing to Move

I have moved many times in my life - usually as a university student in between semesters.  My husband and I also moved overseas.  We even moved from an apartment to a home with one child.  But THIS, THIS was the worst move I have ever encountered.  Two children.  Two provinces.  Two moves.  Yes, two moves.  We sold our house before we moved, so we had to move in with family for a month and keep all of our belongings in a storage locker.  Have you ever seen Storage Wars?  Ours would have been a jackpot!

To help keep our lives as organized as possible, I found some duct tape at the Dollar Store that was a variety of colours.  Each room was then assigned a colour.  When packing, I would stick on a square of that rooms colour and mark the box with the first letter followed by a number.  So a kitchen box would have orange tape and be marked K #5 or whatever number I was on.  To keep track of all the boxes I used the State Farm Move Tools app on my iPad.  This was a life saver because once we got all the boxes in, I was able to located items we needed.  Like the coffee maker and filters for that first morning.

I also used regular silver duct tape to label the fragile boxes.  When the movers (aka our family) saw this tape, they knew to be careful.

Here are some finished boxes with their tape and labels.

And here's just an example of the finished product once the uhaul was emptied.

And one more thing - don't EVER make another move without downloading this app .  . .

It was a lifesaver from day one!  Thank you to the creators!  You saved my life!

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