Monday, January 27, 2014

Circle Time Area

This is a close up of our Circle Time Chart.  I combined a few ideas that I found on Pinterest and came up with something simple for mine.  One thing I did need however, was for the pocket chart to be shorter.  I wanted it to fit UNDER the light switch, but it would then drag on the floor.  I then though about just folding it and hammering it into the wall that way.  But two problems with that.  1.  I would put holes in my chart.  2. It wouldn't be as strong as I would want.  I needed the reinforced holes.

So I laid the chart on the ground and found 4 binder clips.  I then folded the chart to bring it up about two rows.  Next, I used two binder clips on each side to hold the chart in place.  After I hung the chart, I noticed that it sagged a little in the middle, so I grabbed a large paper clip (Ideal Clamp) and attached the middle of the chart to the black Velcro hanger.  DONE!

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