Thursday, January 09, 2014

I'm Baaaack . . . .

Well, that was a long break I took there!  A whole year!  What happened?  Life, that's what.  A whole lot has changed in the past year.  We took some awesome vacations, celebrated some big birthdays, moved to a new city, new province and a brand new home and started a brand new job - I'm now a stay at home mom, home schooling my preschooler and running a home daycare!  My oldest is in the school system, but because of our situation, my son cannot attend preschool anymore and he misses his old preschool.  So homeschooling it is.  Just minimal, but still lots of fun!  So hang tight, as most of these changes have happened in the past two weeks or are currently happening, but I am excited to get back to sharing all of my Pinterest projects with you!!

Hope you all had a great year while I was gone!

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