Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Family Communication Board

Open communication between myself and parents (whether in the classroom or in the daycare) is my number one priority.  I want the parents to feel like they are a part of my family because they are trusting me with their number one treasure every single day. 
Using Open Office (a free version of the Word or Excel programs, yet still compatible with all the major programs that you pay for), I created a house plan to show fire routes (on the green background), our daily schedule (on the orange background - also see below), my favourite poem (blue background) and an All About Me page with a family pictures at the bottom (yellow background).

And did you notice what else made the trip and has a spot in the front entrance?  Our three basket accessory holder!  Everyone (except the husband, because he's too cool for this) has a basket for our outdoor accessories (mitts and toques in the winter, hats and sunglasses in the summer).  Check out my old post for more info!

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