Wednesday, January 22, 2014

App of the Week

So last week I shared with you all an app that helped me keep my sanity while moving.  Today I want to share with you another app (free of course - however there is a paid version, but if you watch, it is temporarily free on apps fire - that's the one that I grabbed) that is my favourite learning tool with the kids.

It's called Bitsboard.  You can make different accounts with different boards for each of your children.

A board is a topic that your child is currently learning.  They have boards for animal sounds for babies, three letter words for readers, simple sentences for readers or ESL, telling time, money, letters, numbers, etc.  The list goes on and on and on!

Once the boards (you can have many different boards) are loaded onto the account, your child gets to play!  There are many different games for each board.  They include flashcards (most simple), explore, photo touch (app names an item, child finds it), true or false (app names an item, child picks true or false), memory game, pop quiz (app gives picture and then word choices for child to pick from), match up (pictures on one side, words on the other), word builder (picture with mixed up letters so child learns how to spell), spelling bee (picture with no letter options, just a keyboard for child to type), BINGO game, reader (word and choice of pictures for child to match word to picture - no sound from the app) and photo hunt.

I totally recommend this app to anyone with children - of any age!  It's so versatile that it's fun for ALL ages!


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