Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Circle Time Journal

This journal quickly became a part of our everyday Circle Time Routine at home.  It is very easy to make - using Open Office or Word - add some charts and you'll be ready to go.

It also has a lot of learning in one little page.

First, the child gets to practice printing their name EVERY DAY.  Please always remember to teacher you child to print their name properly.  It's Jim.  Not JIM.  I only say this because I made this mistake as a parent with my daughter and when she got to Kindergarten she had to relearn how to print her name.

The next learning comes with the days of the week.  You can teach this by repetition, doing it every.single.day., or you can turn it into a fun song. 

Now comes the small motor, math and literacy.  This is the beginner Circle Time Journal (as my son grows and gets used to this, I will make something a little bit harder) so there is practice with printing letters, numbers, colouring and drawing shapes.

And finally, the child learns a little bit about weather every day and colours in the picture that best suits what they see.  This part of the activity can quickly take your day in a whole new direction if they come up with questions in regards to the weather or see something that they like out the window.  You know, rain, snow, mud . . .

Circle Time Journal

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