Thursday, April 10, 2014

Daily Routine Prtinable

A while back, I created a Home Management Binder.  I have used it often for birthdays, phone numbers and other important school information, but I felt that something was missing.  When I stopped working out of the home and opened the Home Daycare, I knew that organization was going to be key to keep my home and business life separate - yet together.  Something that I was not used to.
So I created a simple schedule for the day so that I could get things done but still be with the kids - learning and having fun!  This is the main part of my printable and it includes times to do household chores, daycare fun, naptime, working out, meals and supper prep.
After the schedule, I made a simple cleaning plan.  A major weekly job PLUS a chore for myself and both of the kids.  Their jobs may include cleaning baseboards, cleaning sinks, collecting garbage, doing laundry or other simple tasks that are age appropriate.  Check out my technology time post to see a list of chores that are age appropriate.
On the second page for the day I have two open squares to make to do lists.  I should also mention that I don't print these pages off every week as I like to recycle.  Instead, I place all of these daily routines into page protectors which treats them like white boards.  Simple to erase at the end of the week.
Under the To Do squares, I have three empty squares for a quick menu.  Breakfast, Lunch and Supper.
And last but not least, I have lines to makes notes for myself about our evening plans.  Maybe we have a dinner date or soccer game or heaven forbid . . . a DATE NIGHT!  I mark it down here so that I don't forget what I have to do in the evenings after a hectic day at work!

If you would like the printables, go to this link and print them out for yourself.

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